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Friday, August 27, 2010

What, what, WHAT are you doing?!

Ok, first of all, if you HAVEN'T seen Sassy Gay Friend, watch it immediately!

It's also irrelevant to this entry, other than the title. Heh.

No, this rhetorical question is referring to 1) Gretchen on Project Runway season 8 and 2) me this week. 

1) Bitch, please. Tim Gunn had it absolutely right when he told her and her team off at the end of this week's episode - she's a narcissistic bullying liar. And, her clothes are dull. Your "luxe" collection was ugly and boring, nothing fit anyone well, no one's design aesthetic (OTHER then Gretchen's and Ivy's) came through, and the color palette was a hot mess. Also, throwing Michael C under the bus? NOT COOL. Out of 8 seasons of this show, in which I have NEVER missed an episode, I have never seen anything like the steaming pile of bullshit she shoveled on to the judges this week. 

Tim Gunn is ALWAYS my hero, but I gave him the slow clap after his speech this week! I heart you, Tim!

2) And speaking of bitch please, um... I have been eating like shit this week and it's making me upset. If I keep going this route, none of my clothes will fit in a month. I've worked really hard to get over my compulsive eating issues, so I'm pretty pissed at myself. Oh well, the weather is nice - I just need to have a healthy, calorie-conscious breakfast in the morning and go for a walk or bike ride. No problem, right?

No, this isn't really fashion related, I am just venting. 

Other sadness from my week - got a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps from DSW online this week for a total steal, and had to return them because the sizing was all wrong. WTF? 

I did finally get around to finishing Mad Men season 1 - I can see what all the fuss is about! Loving it! Though my food issues this week were scarily similar to Peggy's, and hearing all those guys bashing her made me feel like my (Freudian) superego coming to life through my TV speakers. 

Ok, done with my bitching and moaning. At least it's Friday!

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