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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Music Reviews!

There are always a ton of albums that come out on Tuesdays, as I'm sure you are aware. Next one I'm excited about? The Canadian band Stars's newbie Five Ghosts, available on June 22nd. Last week, I picked up (and by "pick up," I mean downloaded because I have an obsessive love affair with iTunes) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals' new self-titled album and the Eclipse OST.

My description of Grace Potter? Think Joan Jett meets Dolly Parton filtered through Lucinda Williams. I like the album a LOT, especially the opening track "Paris (Ooh La La)," which is just fun and catchy. Good road trip music if you're driving through open country in the sunshine. It's the kind of thing I like to listen to in the car in the summer, but I'd probably stash it away once the temperature dips below 60. Know what I mean?

And as for Eclipse, I don't care if you're Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Twilight SUX, this is a fucking great album!! It was on repeat on Hot Lucy (erm, that's the name of my iPod - long story...) all weekend. I don't know *who* does the music selection for this series, but they deserve an Oscar for "Best Music Taste of All Time." I mean, what is NOT to love about an album that includes Muse, who wrote a new song just for this album (my favorite band on the earth, and were LOOOOOONG before the neo-Buffy vamp craze - so there!), Florence + The Machine, Band of Horses, The Bravery, Sia, Vampire Weekend, and Beck?! Do yourself a favor, and spend the few extra bucks to spring for the Deluxe Edition - it's worth it.

And though it's not new last week, I am also going to give a shout out for Mumford and Sons' album Sigh No More (came out Stateside in February this year) because I'm going to see them live tonight! LOVE. It's a bunch of British guys who sound weirdly yet awesomely Irish, make amazingly beautiful and minimalistic music videos, and write great lyrics. Track of note is #5, "White Blank Page," though they're all fantabulous.

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  1. LATER: If you ever get a chance to see Mumford & Sons live, DO IT - they are incredible! And Marcus Mumford is SUCH a sexpot with that guitar. But a tip.... avoid the show if they are playing in a college town. Drunk frat boys should be outlawed (everywhere, really, but especially concerts).