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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Um... about a decade late on this one, guys!

This morning, MSN featured a Glo article called "A Modern Take On The Past", in which they say "this season is all about great, retro looks."

Hasn't that basically been the fashion theme for the last decade?! 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore our crazy, new millennium approach to beauty and fashion, which is In with the Old, and In with the New. And while you're at it, In with Clashing Them Together! What's more fun than that?! (Especially for someone like me, who hero-worships old Hollywood and frequently references those looks when it comes to wardrobe inspiration.)

Glo features: 

80s: neon with leggings (or "jeggings," in this case), or a smoky eye and nude lip

70s: punk hair and blue eye shadow, or the Mary Tyler Moore flip out

60s: bouffant, beehive, or black eyeliner and a bun

40s: red lipstick (also featured in Vogue this month)

20s: finger waved hair, or a Gatsby bob

With the exceptions of neon yellow nail polish and a mohawk, I have worn all of these at least once during the last decade. 

Not that I'm saying I'm ahead of the curb here, but what I am saying is that this is old news.

I am wondering if this decade's obsession with the entirety of the 20th century's fashion trends is some kind of weird cultural nostalgia for the pre-digital age. Or maybe it's just a lack of imagination in the fashion industry. 

I know, I can't *really* talk - I have absolutely NO idea what to expect in the next 20 years. Will we start wearing alloyed android suits or something? Will we throw back to hoop skirts and corsets? (Hmm... possible, given the terrifying increase in conservatism in this country right now...)

No clue. I sound sort of hypocritical here, but truthfully I don't mind going on mixing all of these fun oldies indefinitely. I just don't know that it's sustainable.


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