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Friday, July 2, 2010

Homage to D.C. Style

In honor of our upcoming national holiday, I thought I would talk about fashion in our capital city!

So, I was in D.C. this week for a work conference, and I felt sadly under-dressed (though in my defense, it was 98 degrees F when I arrived). My mother calls it a "formal" city, though that's not quite how I would describe it. I would say it's a very "political chic" city.

Now, there are two sides to this coin. On the one side were the impeccably dressed and coiffed thirty-somethings who made me feel like I was in a burlap sack, despite wearing perfectly acceptable work trousers and great colored tops. And fun jewelry (one thing I would never be caught dead without). And ladies, HOW do you keep your makeup from melting off?! PLEASE share!

On the other side were the severe, boxy-cut and unflattering suits adorning women wearing no makeup, who just looked frumpy and sad.

But regardless of which camp they fit into, suits are, of course, the order of the day in this town. And for good reason! In that same conversation with my mother, she lamented America's general state of sloppiness, and I agree 110%. My point in all of this is that more places in the U.S. should adopt suited couture. If you're not into the Hillary Clinton Look (love ya, Madame Secretary, but yikes), check out this super sexy YSL suit for inspiration!

I must say that D.C. could use a little injection of L.A.-inspired accessorizing, though. The pearl studs are seriously dullsville (though I like the Jackie O. necklaces). And take come color cues from our beloved Michelle Obama - she is one woman unafraid to rock some bright colors in your orderly city. (And by the way, how hot is this pic?!)

They also have a commonality with Parisian women - an enviable superhuman ability to walk miles upon miles of city sidewalks in heels. I adore heels and have many, many pairs, but the last time I wore heels around D.C., my feet were just torn up.

And speaking of Parisians... if you really want to rock the ultimate in political chic, look no further than France's first lady, former model and AMAZING musician, Carla Bruni! While you're at it, pick up her album, Quelqu'Un M'a Dit - it's brilliant.
Maybe that's not terribly patriotic of me, but what can I say? Great style knows no borders! I'm all about international diplomacy. ;-) Besides, Michelle did top Carla on French Elle's best-dressed list. So, there.

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