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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Album of Note

I finally downloaded Karen Elson's album (after reading about it in both Vogue and Nylon last month), The Ghost Who Walks. BRILLIANT.

She's a model and Jack White's wife. The story goes that she was afraid to let him hear her tunes, so she would sing in the closet. He caught her, made her play for him, and thought it was brilliant and so forced her into the recording studio. (How romantic.)

But, seriously, it's lucky for us that he did because this album is just stunning. It's beautiful, eloquent, and sort of hypnotic. She's got a very interesting audio aesthetic, clearly inspired by many sources - she's British, and there's a touch of that sexy rock sound that only the Brits can pull off to some of the tracks. There's also bit of an homage to her guitar-genius hubs, and some good old Nashville sound thrown in for good measure.

Favorite tracks: "The Ghost Who Walks," "Stolen Roses," "A Thief At My Door," and er... all of them. Do yourself a favor, and get this one - you will NOT regret it!

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