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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Hate Work Trousers (and Racists)

Rant of the week: I hate work trousers!

So, I think I've already explained in my posts that 1) I live in the Midwest, and 2) I'm not exactly the skinniest bitch in the world. And as such, I. HATE. work. trousers. (Have I said this enough to hammer the point in yet?!)

Let me elaborate on points 1 & 2 -  I have a limited store selection in which to buy said trousers, and even fewer styles look good on me. Would I bitch about trousers if, say, I could fit into a YSL Le Smoking? Hells no! (I'm ignoring the cost issue here as this is entirely hypothetical, and it is therefore irrelevant.) Instead, I usually resort to Target and Kohls for work trou. We don't even have a Torrid, or a Macy's with a decent pants selection!

That is not even to mention that fashion in the Midwest, or at least in my place of employment, is not exactly Le Smoking appropriate, even if I did own one! It would be like a peacock in a flock of pigeons or something - awkward and comically absurd. (Note to any colleagues who read this: I am not referring specifically to our office, I am talking about the entirety of the campus!)

Um, EW.
I currently have 4 pairs - black (these are the least offensive - the fabric is very nice, as are the cut and length, and I don't feel like a complete shmuck wearing them on the weekend), brown (oh dear gods - not only is the color atrocious, but they are too short to wear with heels!), gray (not *so* bad), and a small black & white plaid print. Note that I did not mention khakis here - I REFUSE to own anything that looks like a frat boy vomited them up. I would maybe invest in *tan* trousers made of a decent fabric, but I have yet to find a pair I like. 

I'm really more of the jeans or pencil skirt type. I like to pair jeans with dressy tops/jackets and heels, and pencil skirts with more casual tops and flats. But sadly, I can only wear jeans on Fridays.

And while I'm on a ranting spree, I also hate racists. Check this shit out: "There's a Battle Outside and It Is Still Ragin'". 50s vintage fashion? Awesome. 50s vintage discrimination? DEFINITIVELY OUT.

WTF, man?! Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this country? Everyone is going out of their fucking minds. We've socially regressed about 60 years in the space of a decade (and yes, I blame you, Bush administration). Unbelievable.

/end rant.

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